The Inside-Out Blessing Game

Fun exercises that nurture a child's mind, body and spirit.

The world can often seem full of problems, which doesn't go unnoticed by children. Like many adults, kids replay the day's events in their minds, or worry about tomorrow, when they should be resting.

Now, little ones can relax and release their worries with The Inside-Out Blessing Game.

This fun audio CD features restful music and enjoyable exercises to help kids:
• Focus on blessings
• Appreciate their bodies
• Look inward to find solutions to problems

The Inside-Out Blessing Game is a great naptime, bedtime, or quiet-time tool, encouraging quiet reflection and gratitude.


"Ms. Teel adapts yoga relaxation techniques for young ears, helping them visualize happy childhood images with sweet sentiments. Add this to the tips she includes for bedtime; for both younger and older children, and it's a tired parent's dream come true."

       - The Dallas Morning News


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