Press & Testimonials

The Wall Street Journal picks Patti Teel's The Floppy Sleep Game as front page
feature story
August 11, 2000

The Wall Street Journal "Ms. Teel has established herself as a nap-time troubadour, visiting schools- and even homeless shelters where children are in residence - to bring rest to the undrowsy."
August 2000
People Magazine Kids won't sleep? California singer Patti Teel crafts songs designed solely to make 'em slumber. Picks Patti Teel's "The Floppy Sleep Game" – "To the Top."
October 30, 2000
48 Hours picks Patti Teel to appear on Sleep Special.
April 2001

School Library Journal "There is little on this topic for children... The narrator's voice is soft, relaxing, and peaceful.... This [release] would be a useful addition for
public libraries."

February 2000

The Children's Bookwatch "[The Floppy Sleep Game] was developed by the author when her young daughter had trouble falling asleep, and uses yoga techniues and quiet music to encourage sleep. It's unusual to find a tutorial for kids on relaxation techniques, but this early age blend of lullaby, music and relaxation holds keys to routines which will help a child through life."
October 2000

Audio World, by Bennet Pomerantz "When children... have a difficult time trying to get to sleep, try The Floppy Sleep Game (Dream Flight Productions). Singer/narrator Patti Teel's gentle voice with some soft music lulls the child securely and safely to a deep slumber. Her voice is a gift, becouse it is comforting and soothing...not too syrupy."
February 2000

Good Housekeeping "The Floppy Sleep Game is a must-have for kids three to ten who refuse to snooze. Developed and narrated by Patti Teel, a mother of three, the CD is a mix of soothing words, relaxation techniques, and, yes, old-fashioned lullabies. Does it work? We can't speak for everyone, but a GH editor who gave it a test run says Floppy is no flop-bedtimes at her house are now serene."
June 2001

Family Life "Sweet Dreams- 'Lift one leg up, then let it flop.... You're as relaxed as a floppy rag doll.' THE FLOPPY SLEEP GAME, a unique recording by singer Patti Teel, is designed to help children fall asleep. Soft music, nature sounds, and narration guide kids to relax each part of their bodies and, in part two, to visualize a magical dreamland."
April 2000

Washington Post "You're Getting Sleepy-A new album will make you yawn. Most singers would be upset if told their music put listeners to sleep, Patti Teel sees it as a compiment."
July 2001

"Just wanted to tell you - my daughter says the tape is worth its weight in GOLD! We are finally getting my grandson to bed. He could outlast me, my daughter and grandpa"
Beverly Guenther - Tucson, AZ

"Your Floppy disc has made such a difference in our lives. I don't know what would have happened with our grand children if I hadn't been introduced to the disc. I can't thank
you enough."


"I am very satisfied with the results of the music. My daughter looks forward to going to bed every night. I believe she is cultivating habits that will last a lifetime, and I thank you for providing the framework. Before we got the tape she had trouble sleeping, staying up til 1-2 am every night was not uncommon. She now goes to bed willingly at 9 every night."
Paul Carlson-Flushing, NY

"I just wanted you to know that my daughter loves it. I also find myself singing 'A mother's lullaby' a lot during the day. It is a wonderful song."
Leslie - Mother

"I love the granddaughters regularly stay overnight with me and they can't wait to get in bed and listen to the sleep music."
Karen Elliott- Oklahoma City, OK

"I found the CD at our local library and we have been using it for two weeks now...What a miracle! We can be a true testimonial that it works!!! Thanks again!!!"
Kris - mother