Kids World

Children's songs for the heart and soul

Kid’s World comes with a free corresponding journal and award certificate upon completion.

Each song on Kid’s World has a corresponding journal page, dealing with the song’s underlying message. Children of all ages will enjoy drawing in their journals and expressing themselves through their pictures. Teachers, parents, or people who have children in their lives can use this CD and journal as a story or conversation starter and to supplement relevant character building lessons.

Songs and Lessons include:
• When You Believe – to help kids define an realize their goals
• The Banana Tree – understanding what scares you
• Kid’s World – the power of cooperation
• Star Angel – valuing differences in ourselves and others
• Willy Monster – keeping yourself safe when you’re scared
• The Bad Dream – putting bad dreams in perspective
• Rhythm of the Rain – all about rain
• Tick Tock – being okay when you’re away from Mom and Dad
• Dreamaway – the joy of dreaming

Kid’s World promotes kindness, cooperation, respect, and hard work.
Kid’s World songs and corresponding journal are for children ages 3 to 9 years old.

The journal is designed to be used by both readers and nonreaders. There is space for non-reading children to express themselves by drawing in the journal.