Programs & Events

Presentations for parents, educators, and healthcare professionals as well as children and teens

Presentations for Adults:
Patti is a popular speaker and presenter. She has presented workshops, conducted classes and given talks to college students, healthcare professionals, and a wide variety of parent and teacher organizations. Patti combines her experience as a teacher and a performer to create a dynamic yet relaxed atmosphere, while presenting information and experiences that are meaningful, pragmatic, and FUN!

Presentations for Children and Teens:
Patti considers her ability to connect with children to be one of her greatest gifts. Her experience as a children’s music specialist and special education teacher have given her an ability to ‘reach’ children and understand their needs. Patti presents relaxation techniques in a fun way, teaching kids to remain calm, become aware of their feelings, handle anger, and relax in order to facilitate sleep. While she believes that self-soothing skills are important for all children, Patti believes that they are imperative for kids who are dealing with neurobiological difficulties and other special needs.

TV/Radio Talk Shows

Patti’s warmth and humor make her a popular guest on TV/radio talk shows. She has been interviewed on 48 Hours, KTLA, Home and Garden Television and numerous national talk radio shows.

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School Workshops for Students and Teachers
Library Workshops
Sleep and Relaxation Workshops for Parents and Children
Seminars for Health Care Professionals

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