The Floppy Sleep Game Book

A parent's complete guide to sleep and relaxation

Includes the original Floppy Sleep Game recording and 7 new tracks devoted to enjoyable relaxation exercises.

THE FLOPPY SLEEP GAME BOOK includes a four-week program designed to teach children the self-soothing skills that will enable them to relax and
fall asleep.

Other books give scant attention to the most useful long term sleep solution: teaching children the skills that will enable them to consciously relax their bodies and minds in order to fall asleep.

With the Floppy Sleep Game program, bedtime does not need to be a painful process for parents or their children. Gradually and systematically, children receive less direction as they become more capable of relaxing themselves
to sleep.

The Floppy Sleep Game Program – Week by Week

Week One: Parents read the relaxation routine to their child, assisting him or her with the relaxation process.

Week Two: The parent remains in the child’s room but rather than reading the relaxation instructions, the child follows the directions on the recording.

Week Three: The child falls asleep with the recording, without the parent in the room.

Week Four: The child is relaxing and falling asleep independently, with or without the recording.

THE FLOPPY SLEEP GAME BOOK also covers a lot of important information including:

•Health issues related to sleep
•Sleep disorders
•Foods and supplements that contribute to a good night’s sleep
•Tips for a successful bedtime routine
•Activities to help rid children of stress, bedtime worries and fears

The Floppy Sleep Game Book and CD will give parents the tools to help their children establish good sleep patterns and finally get the rest they need.