The Christmas Dream

Help children relax during the hectic holiday season.

This gentle audio CD is a welcome respite from the overstimulation of the Holiday Season.

Children will:
• Learn to relax in Reindeer Flight Training
• Fly with Santa on a Global Journey to the moon, over mountains, across seas
• Hear prayers from around the world
• Visit Bethlehem
• Learn to care for all people

The Christmas Dream relaxes children to sleep and plants the seeds of peace and world unity.


“Teel’s soothing combination of yoga-like stretches, stories about Santa, lush songs about the Moon and other delights will have your little ones begging you to tuck them in.” Parenting

        –Children’s Music Web Award—Best Seasonal Recording

“…Themes of unity, love and world peace are prevalent as the plot takes sleepy-time children on a trip around the world. Although adults may limit its use to Christmas time, children are not likely to tire of hearing this calming fantasy year-round. A beautiful tool for children who struggle to fall asleep, parents will appreciate this title and the relaxation skills it teaches.”

         –School Library Journal

Children’s Music Web Award