The Floppy Sleep Game

A child's relaxation game for restful sleep

Many children have difficulty falling asleep or often wake up in the middle of the night, unable to get back to sleep.

By using guided progressive relaxation techniques, The Floppy Sleep Game is a fun way for children to soothe themselves, and become quiet and calm so they can independently fall asleep.

The Floppy Sleep Game is a unique audio CD which features:

• Amusing songs and instrumentals
• Kid-friendly yoga instruction
• Creative visualization exercises
• Tranquil sounds of nature


“The Floppy Sleep Game is a must-have for kids three to ten who refuse to snooze. Developed and narrated by Patti Teel, a mother of three, the CD is a mix of soothing words, relaxation techniques, and, yes, old-fashioned lullabies. Does it work? We can't speak for everyone, but a GH editor who gave it a test run says Floppy is no flop-bedtimes at her house are now serene."

         - Good Housekeeping

"Your Floppy disc has made such a difference in our lives. I don't know what would have happened with our grandchildren if I hadn't been introduced to the disc. I can't thank you enough."

          – Emilie, Grandmother

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